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Emergency Roofing After a Disaster – How it Works

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Roof tiles in different colors The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is a damaged roof. While most roofs are designed to protect your house from outside elements, they will lose their color and structural integrity over time. You can, however, prevent severe roof damage with proper maintenance and regular inspections.

The most common causes of roof damage in Northern Virginia include extreme weather events, low-quality roofing materials, and improper roof installation. Then there’s the odd case of trees falling on your roof when you least expect it. The bottom line is, your roof takes quite a beating while protecting you and your house from the outdoor elements.

Broken or missing roof components could spring a leak, cause mold growth inside your home, and cause the damage to spread due to moisture infiltration. This is why it’s important to call emergency roof repair specialists in Northern Virginia right away.

What Constitutes as an Emergency?

Minor damage to roofing materials, including the roofing underlayment, can quickly spread to other areas of the house. It may even require a full roof replacement if not resolved immediately. This is why it is important to consider any damage to your roof as an emergency.

If you believe your roof is a potential hazard to those residing in the building underneath, it’s time to evacuate the building and arrange for emergency repairs.

Even in extreme weather scenarios, your local 911 Restoration team will tarp any leaks or holes in the roof as a temporary measure. Once the weather passes, they will evaluate the roof for damage before performing any permanent repairs.

What Happens When You Call Roofing Specialists for Emergency Repairs?

The answer depends on the situation. If the area you live is in the middle of a natural disaster or experiencing extreme weather, the team will wait until the situation eases to make necessary repairs. There’s not much that any team can do when an extreme weather event is still causing havoc.

However, if a fire has damaged the roof due to a non-weather-related event, your local 911 Restoration team would send help right away to repair the roof. It is not uncommon for fires to weaken the structural integrity of the entire roofing system. This can make the area underneath the roof dangerous.

Common Roof Emergency Situations in Northern Virginia

Most homes in Northern Virginia have three types of roofs:

  • Tile roofing
  • Shingle roofing
  • Flat roofing

Each roof design uses unique construction materials and has different maintenance and repair requirements.

Emergency Tile Roof Repair

Tile roofs are among the most popular type of roofs for homes in Northern Virginia. A membrane is applied to the tile roof underlayment (to provide a strong base). The tiles are then strategically placed to cover the entire roof.

The most common causes of tile roof damage in Northern Virginia include gradual erosion due to sand and wind, cracks due to exposure to the elements and age, or roof edging.

Emergency Shingle Roof Repair

Wood shingles are the oldest roofing material in the US and are often found in older homes. They are often more affordable than tile roofs but are more prone to roof damage.

Some of the most common causes of shingle roof damage include:

  • Cracked shingles: Often occurs due to excessive exposure to sunlight and the weather, causing small cracks to appear in the shingles.
  • Loss of Granules: As time passes, the mineral granules on top of the shingles wear off, and you’ll notice the shingle visibly becoming thinner.
  • Damaged Nails: Shingles are secured to roofs with the help of nails. Given enough time and wind erosion, these nails fall out, and the shingles loosen up.
  • Reduced Ventilation: Attic ventilation can damage roofs over time. This is why most residential attics feature several intake vents for air to flow in and out. Without enough ventilation, the roof gets damaged over time.

Emergency Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofing materials are energy efficient, but just like shingle and tile roofs, they are prone to damage and will require emergency roof repair in Northern Virginia.

The most common causes of damage include:

  • Ponding Water: Flat roofs are designed with various drainage points to help remove standing water. If the passage of this water is blocked, it can lead to membrane damage that can cause leaks and other types of roof damage.
  • Cracking: The membrane of flat roofing materials can become worn out over time, thus requiring emergency repairs.
  • Edge Damage: The edging on the flat roof protects the underlayment and foundation. Damage to the edge can leave the roof susceptible to ice dams, wind damage, and water filtration, which can uplift the entire roof.

What Should You Do After Roof Damage

Don’t panic. What’s done is done. Your priority now should be to prevent the damage from spreading to other areas of the house. Contact your insurance provider. Call a roofing contractor in Northern Virginia to help.

Your contractor will usually provide temporary emergency repairs until they can figure out a more permanent repair or replacement option.

Do not try to repair the roof on your own. You could hurt yourself or cause more damage to the roof. Roofs and ceilings are not DIY projects and should not be attempted on your own. The best you can do is document your loss and damages – take pictures and make videos for claims processing.

If your roof requires emergency repairs, contact your local 911 Restoration team for emergency roofers as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home or business. Our emergency roofing repair teams are always ready to help you with 911 Restoration of Northern Virginia.

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